June 19, 2011

the big 3-0.

We celebrated Raul's 30th (!) birthday yesterday, which was a blast. It was a semi-surprise party; R didn't know about it until the morning of, and I didn't tell him who was coming or how many people there'd be--it was fun to see him light up when old friends came through the door to celebrate.

I kept the decorations simple--I made a banner with some paper from my stash (can you tell I only had one piece of red left? :).

I did buy the silver stars, tissue paper, and balloons. I used this pattern from Martha Stewart for the tissue pom poms--they were a little more tricky to make than I thought they'd be! I actually had to you tube some how-to's as my first couple looked way lame. Turns out I was taking "puffing" the tissue way too seriously. Would recommend these for parties as they are way fun, and fairly cheap to make.

As an ode to R's engineer/inner geek, I ordered a Star Trek cake.

And I printed up this photo for the front of the card I gave him... Sorry to totally dork out on you, but both of us chuckled when we read it. Oh, Spock. (NOTE: I think I enjoyed watching the first season of Star Trek with R because his mind is quite logical, a la Spock... it just rings true somehow....)

Anyway, it was our first large BBQ, and turned out to be a lot of fun--it took the intimidation out of having so many peeps over, something we're not used to! Good food, good friends & family, beautiful weather... As I told R, why not try something new to begin a new decade, right?


Phil and Danielle said...

Happy Birthday R! Looks like you all had fun!

leanne said...

happy birthday R! So sorry we missed it. I love the pics...especially the one with R by his banner and the one of your dad grilling. Looks like so much fun:)