May 31, 2011

a bit kitschy

But I like it. (I had a boss who used the words "kitschy" and "tchotchkes" all the time... usually to describe homeowner's homes who wanted to be on TV. Loooots of tchotchke homes out there people. As much as I am not a tchotchke person, thinking about it makes me smile a little because it reminds me of her.) Anyway, tada: the new kitchen curtains!

I still need to find some hooks or tie backs for the sides of the window, but otherwise, it's great. So airy and light, with a little personality. They look fun from the outside, too.

My mom came over a few weeks ago, and we cranked these out in under two hours... I did the pinning and ironing, and she did the sewing. So nice. A fun, easy project that gives me false hope that I can do much more complicated projects... ;)

And Raul does like the fabric...whew. He was glad to see those blinds come down. Hasta lasagna, don't get any on ya.



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leanne said...

yeah! These turned out great. It's fun that your mom helped too:)