January 7, 2011

Project #1: The Linen Closet

At the end of our hallway lies our linen closet, which has been a mess for awhile. I finally tackled it this afternoon while plying Liv with some puffs:

So I started by taking everything out and cluttering up our bedroom {as you can see behind Liv there}. I loved seeing these shelves bare! I had a limited time to work with this space as Liv only lasts so long in her bouncer--a good challenge. Otherwise I'm sure I could spend hours on something simple like this!

I removed a lot of things that I normally keep in here, like medicine and lots of baby stuff. Time to pack away the baby stuff with the clothes that are too small--I didn't realize how much I was cramming in there that I could've packed in the basement months ago.

The things I left in this closet were towels, paper towels {upper left on top}, our sheets, Liv's sheets, a box of medicine after all, and a few odds and ends: a basket with my iron, an extra night light, a lint roller, and a scented sachet envelope to keep the closet fresh.



Look! Extra space! Can you believe it? I may move some stuff from Liv's room onto that shelf {towels and what not} but for now, I'll take the space. Horray! Project #1 accomplished!


leanne said...

It turned out great! So tidy and organized. Keep the projects coming and I'll just live the organized life through you:)

Phil and Danielle said...

wow great job! You have inspired me to take on my closet this week!