January 7, 2011

i can see clearly now.

I love my dog. I really do. But one thing he does that drive me ab.so.lutely bonkers is that when he wants inside from the yard, he goes crazy: dancing at the door, wiping his nasty paws all over the glass. Sometimes he'll sit at the door and wait patiently, but this is a rarity... luckily, I have my very own squeegee to erase the mess.

Did you know how excited I was when I saw this at Walmart months ago?? It was only a few bucks, and I was beyond ecstatic. I don't even think I put it in the cart; I just hung onto it until we checked out. R didn't share my enthusiasm, but I know he appreciates clean windows.

Anyway, so I broke that out today, with Dex by my side watching every swipe. I know it won't stay like this for long, but for today I can feel good about it. ;)

Don't mind the tattered deck, also compliments of Dex.... sigh...

Okay, now I'm off to clean the linen closet like I said I was going to do this week. More soon!