December 1, 2010

winter craft fair - come see!

Come check out specialty handcrafted items from over 85 vendors at the
 16th Annual Bear Creek HS Craft Fair! One day only!
Saturday, December 4, 2010
9AM - 4PM

9800 West Dartmouth Place
 Lakewood CO

I will be selling Christmas cards at the Bear Creek HS craft fair this Saturday--very exciting and nerve wracking and wonderful! My mother-in-law and I are sharing a booth, and will be selling cards and lovely handmade purses from Peru. We would love to see you, so come on out! If you mention the blog, you recieve 10% off your purchase. ;)

I feel a strange mixture of being "on"--inspired and cranking out some fun things I would be tempted to buy if I saw them--and also being "over it." I am spent, but in a good way.

Just a few more things to tweak, a sign or two to print, and I am d.o.n.e. I will show you some cards and how I will be displaying them {the fun part in all of this!} this week... until then, let me show you the nice messes I have been accumulating around the house during Liv's naptime:

 Dining room--cutting Christmas song lyrics and phrases for cards

 Living Room Coffee Table--slicing paper to fit onto cardstock while watching a movie

Basement Ping Pong table, a la, The Studio. :)

I keep telling R that anything goes mess-wise until December 5th, the day after the fair, to which he replies, "Ah, but I was planning on playing some ping pong tonight..."  That day will most likely be my most bah-humbug cleaning day of the year, unless we made out like bandits the day before.

More soon!

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leanne said...

Great crafty messes:) I wish I could stop by your booth! Have fun.