November 28, 2010

anthropologie goodness

I love going into this store. {Who doesn't, right?} I had a keen eye for knit things when we wandered in the other night, and found these:

The cowls would be pretty easy to knit in a simple pattern, like the white one above. {Rib knit, K1P1, on 16" circular needles. I like the faux-stockinette-stitch look.} They also had some cute hats/head warmers:
 Is that daisy stitch, above? The knit flower is sweet--I don't see knit ones very much. I wonder how difficult/easy they are to knit.

Cute braided headwrap... I love the cream color, too. And as if things couldn't get any better...they also have a smattering of classic books with "smartly embossed canvas" covers. Love it!

At this point, I don't have one Christmas gift bought, or ready. But it's been fun to eyeball odds and ends to get some ideas, especially for homemade things. What are you making this year? Any inspirations worth sharing?

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