May 27, 2010

mystery plant

Dex, Livvy and I have been spending lots of time outside this week, planting and weeding and enjoying some sunshine and birdsongs. (Note: Not enjoying the neighbor's yappy dogs who like to dig holes and escape into our yard, but that's another story...)

Yesterday, I remembered a little forgotten, makeshift garden tucked behind a bush on the north side of our house, and went to check it out. We've never grown anything in there, and I'm curious about what previous owners have grown as it's in the least sunniest spot--not very ideal for gardening.

I didn't find much, except this plant. It looks somewhat healthy and interesting--no flowers at this point, just leaves. It's some sort of vine--I picked up a few leaves and they had attached themselves to some of the rocks. I'm thinking about training it up a trellis, but I'd like to know what it is first--I don't want to display/propagate a weed! Any ideas?

Dex wants to know, too...

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