May 26, 2010

dollar days

My neices Courtney and Lauren are coming to visit mid-June! I am so excited, and have been putting together a little package for them for when they arrive...

Gotta love the dollar bin at Michaels--it's my favorite place to find cute stamps these days. Lookie! A whole stamp set for $5!

It's been almost a whole year since we've seen the girls, and a lot can happen in a year; it's so hard to stay close when you live in different states, but I know that's no excuse. Becoming a Mom has sensitized the Aunt in me, and I look forward to giving them even huger hugs than usual and spending quality time with them. Hopefully at ages 12 and 14, your aunt is still hip & cool to you... right?

1 comment:

leanne said...

Yeah! That will be so much fun. Cute stamps too. Give them a huge hug from me too:) And since when are they 12 and 14???