March 19, 2010

me no likee.

This is what most of yesterday consisted of:

No, Olivia didn't want to do tummy time. She didn't want her pacifier. And she really didn't want to chill in her car seat with her little yellow hat on while mom ate lunch. And so it was. All day.

What a difference a day makes... She's like a different baby today: agreeable, alert, actually napping instead of screaming. In honor of her good mood, we slow danced to Dinah Washington's classic before her nap. Now mom can eat lunch in peace.


leanne said...

You are so cute. Seriously!

1. You made a cute yellow hat for your daughter.

2. You slow danced with her

3. You know that tomorrow is another day:)

miss you.

Phil and Danielle said...

Great Song! I'm sure once she sees how cute she looks in her little yellow hat she'll have no reason to cry! Very cute! Love ya!