February 1, 2010

handmade for baby - part 1

Friends and family have made some cool, comfy things for our little one, and I wanted to share them with you. I'm glad baby is due in March, our snowiest month, as she'll have lots of warm blankets and cozy things to curl up with. Above, my friend Danielle knit three adorable bibs! What a fun surprise to find these in our mailbox last night.

Below, a knit hat I received at my shower, from Etsy.com--I love the color, and the beadwork.

My friend Jennie is a master crocheter, and while she is a wonderful teacher and has tried to teach me a few times, I haven't been the best student... (I'm a knitter to the core, I guess!) She made this little blanket that will be easy for baby to tote around with her, or curl up with during a nap--I believe it's made with Homespun yarn, so it's super soft.

She also made this adorable little elephant... I'm loving the purpleness of these gifts...

And speaking of the best color ever, here is a small afghan made by my friend Sara. You may need to click on the pictures to see this yarn a little better--it's lavender tweed that is warm and lovely. Thanks, Sara!

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Phil and Danielle said...

Hey Girl,
How are you? I was so glad to see you got the bibs! I got your card in the mail... so cute. I bet you are all so excited. How much longer till the world gets to meet baby? Hope all well! Love ya, D