January 31, 2010

dex and the baby.

Baby C will be here in five weeks or so... I can't believe it. I had my shower this last weekend, which was fabulous... Thank you, friends, who made it so special. :) The ladies in my life are going to be awesome friends & influences on our little girl--I can't wait for her to meet them!

We have set up our Pack n' Play in our bedroom, which baby will be sleeping in for the first couple months with the bassinet feature... Dex likes the owl mobile and was pretty intrigued when he discovered it played music, too. (Uh oh.)

I asked him if he's ready for the baby. This is the look he gave me:

I'm pretty sure he'll realize baby will be a fun buddy to hang out with, after she learns not to pull ears and such...

It's strange to wake up and see this little bed there, empty and waiting... I get a little jump in my throat when I walk by each morning. This baby business is finally feeling tangible. I already feel over the moon and she's not even here yet.

Friends have made us some absolutely beautiful baby things, and I want to share these with you. Get ready to see some awesome knitting, crochet, and sewing to the max... :)

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leanne said...

Aww Dex, it's ok. We weren't sure what to think at first either...but there's lots of new smells and Mason's already dropping us food on the floor.

We miss you,
Daisy and Java