March 14, 2009


R and I started supporting two little girls from Central and South America through Compassion International last year, a Christian organization that helps provide kids' basic needs (food, clothes, education) along with a church program, kind of like VBS, that encourages the kids Biblically. The cool thing is that we can encourage them too, through letters and e-mails!

Getting their little letters in return is definitely the highlight--their Spanish letters, written in their own hand, is adorable. Their names are Monica and Maria--Monica is from El Salvador, and her mom mostly writes to us as she just turned 5; she does color us great pictures though! Maria (who's 7) is from Ecuador, and has written us a couple of letters. They both have birthdays this spring, so I made them birthday cards today.

I learned the hard way that you shouldn't emboss on felt-like material...The first time with this white ribbon, it totally curled up and burned! Oops! I opted to just sprinkle some glitter over the stamped "happy" instead. I think it will stay pretty well.

For the "happy" stamped background on the other card, I mixed my foam white embossing powder with some glittery embossing powder...Hard to tell here, but it gives off just the right amount of sparkle.

Birthday cards = glitter = happy! Hope you're having a great weekend!

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tess said...

oh mindy, these are so cute! i love the word happy--it's the most important part of the statement!