March 17, 2009

purple shamrock and some shenanigans

Isn't this the cutest shamrock plant? I love that it's purple... The leaves close every night, which I think is so cute for some reason. In the morning, they pop back open.

It also sports these sweet little flowers, but it's been awhile since I've seen them! Right now, all I have is leaves.

Now for some true Irish spirit: We went to a Nuggets game last Saturday night, and we saw this couple:

I couldn't resist asking to take their photo--they were loving all the attention. :) Turns out that the gentleman used to take down the score of Nuggets games, way back in the day! The original scorekeeper! I guess he's been to every single game. I was photographing history, and I didn't even know it.. how's that for cool.

Have a great day!

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