February 12, 2009

clickable possibilities

Hi, it's me again.

So I'm ready to breathe new life into my sweaters, but me thinks it will be awhile before this happens. I've been scouring the internet trying to find ideas, and this is what has stuck out to me so far:

This...which I really dig. I like the shape of the bag, and of course, the buttons! So great. I'm thinking the purple sweater could be good for something like this. And it would give me an excuse to keep an eye out for awesome violet-esque buttons.

...or this. I like the idea of a blanket, but holy crow would I have to accumulate more before starting this project! I don't know if I'm that dedicated. I'm curious how many sweaters it would take to make a good-sized blanket anyway...

So the question is: Do I hold onto these and wait--for a project such as the throw--or do I jump in and try something new with the purple sweater now? This needs tea and pondering.

PS. Here's another option altogether.

PPS. Thanks for being so clickably agreeable today; I figured it was quicker than asking permission to post pics. :)


leanne said...

Hi Minnz...I totally think you should go for the purse! Then start saving for that blanket. Both projects are very cool. I'm sure I have a few sweaters to donate to the cause:)

futuregirl said...

I think it would make a neat bag even without the buttons.