January 16, 2009

vermillion, but not

The little bulbs I planted last Tuesday are thriving, to my surprise--I didn't think they would shoot up so quickly. The pop of green on the kitchen windowsill is quite welcome against the gray backdrop of the sky.

I named this post "vermillion" originally because I thought there was a shade of green with that name...It sounds so wonderfully old fashioned. To be sure, I looked it up, and I was thoroughly surprised. It means "a vivid reddish-orange color." Wha...? Why does it sound so green to me?

Ah well. Soon, the paperwhites will be blooming, and all I'll think about is what flowers and veggies I'd like to plant this year. Tomatoes, for sure, and maybe some sort of pepper. I hear Anaheim peppers grow well here. January might be too early to plant seedlings in our growing season--April 1st supposedly is a good time to begin, indoors of course--but it's nice to conjure up the image of plants in this dreary, desolate month.

Besides dreaming of little seedlings, here's a peek at what I'm currently working on:

Once I seam it & send it, I will reveal it in its entirety. Till then, be well!


tess said...

i can't wait to see what these pretty rows of yarn are creating! and i love your paperwhites--they do have such a pretty green, chartreuse-y color. i feel exactly the same way about the word vermilion meaning a yellow-green color. why is that? i think the word reminds me of this book cover
(why i don't know) and therefore i associate those book cover colors with the word (?). weirdness. here's an interesting page all about chartreuse.
or at least i get fascinated by these color-name-organization things. let's just say i had a hard time when other kids would rearrange my orderly crayola box.

leanne said...

Hey friend! Loving the yarn...fun colors! I can't wait to see what it is. I've been working on a little something with yarn too... and how fun that your bulbs are sprouting. We got our seed catalog today so we are beginning to think of what we're going to do this summer.