October 21, 2008

humble beginnings

I am really looking forward to filling up this little book with Dexter's puppy pictures. It's little--6x6"-- with 10 plastic pages to fill (20 total). I believe I bought it at Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks--bonus!

R and I have taken a photo with our pup every week up until a couple of weeks ago to track his growth... and wow, has he grown. Here's a quick look back on his smaller days! I'm planning on keeping it simple, mostly because there's not much room to begin with. I think orange/red/brown/gray will be my color theme.

The circles are cut from scrap Christmas paper--the tan markings on the red were words like "joy" "peace," etc.

And of course, the star himself, unable to resist a quick cameo...


leanne said...

Love, love, love Dex's little book. He is so adorable! What a fun project. I love all your twigs too...I bet your house is so cute all decorated for fall! Be well.

Jackie said...

Gosh, time flies. Dex is getting so big! I particularly like your "cheap art." What a clever way to expand your theme! I also like the light fixture with the leaves wound through it. I've done some neat autumn decorating with cheap purchases and things we had packed away. Can't wait to start decorating for Christmas, my favorite decorating time of the year. Take care, God Bless!