June 14, 2008

follow the garter stitch road

This past April, I posted about an orange scarf I began earlier in the year. I am excited to say that it is finally finished! I love the variation of colors, and how fine the stitch is (size 5 needles).

Despite being bummed at my sewing project yesterday, I was encouraged because I finished this scarf later on in the same day. Sometimes all you need is to switch projects and take a breather!

These are not great pictures, but they give you an idea of its length/what it will look like! I am excited to wear it this fall. All I gotta do now is weave in the ends. Voila!


leanne said...

You are spoiling me with all your great posts!! I'm sorry about your bag...funny in a not so funny sort of way:) I love your scarf. Such great colors. I'm glad you finished it...now for some scrapbooking:) (Maybe if I actually did a yarn post you will do a scrapbooking post....)

tess said...

love it! orange yarn and little stitches. so sweet. knock me over with a size five knitting needle.