May 6, 2012

on the avengers.

Okay, so I need to state for the record that I love love love action movies. But you know this.  Or, if you know me, you should. :) I enjoy all sorts of movies, but I'm totally the cheering type, and I love to cheer for good, boo evil, and watch how it all goes down inbetween.

I've always loved action, but I'm new to the superhero genre. My hubs is to blame for starting that interest when we went to see IronMan in 2008. Robert Downey Jr. was just so charming and unavoidibly likeable, I was sold. Plus, seeing how much fun Raul was having watching it made me enjoy it too. (Now that I think about it, when R grows his goatee, it's eerily similar to Tony Stark's... hmm, coincidence? I think not.)

Anyway, since then, I've anticipated most of the action hero movies that have come out, and most of them have been pretty good. (Oh wait, don't see the Expendables. Wow. Worst movie ever. And I mean evvveeerrrrr. Let's upgrade that to a capital E.) Captain America was great, Thor surprisingly was enjoyable... But I was excited to see the Avengers purely so I could see how Ironman played with others. Am I nerding you out yet? Cause I'm totally nerding myself out. (A friend asked me once to explain The Simarillion to her, as I said I was reading it, and I totally burst out laughing after a few minutes due to how geeky I sounded, which was totally mirrored in her expression... priceless.)

Back to the topic at hand: this movie is SO fun, has SO much action, and is a pure blockbuster; I've heard it may reach the billion $ range? (!) Joss Whedon (the director) rocks this movie. Here's an official review, if you're interested.  If you liked Ironman, you'll love this one. Take your man out on a date and cheer for the good guys together. It's an easy bonding experience he'll appreciate...and whether you want to admit or not, I bet you will too. ;) Geeking out over. For now.


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Kati's Keepsake said...

Chris wants to "take me" to see this for my birthday-He loves these movies. I'm excited to hear you liked it, I will take your advice and cheer on the good guys with him.

Julie said...

Glad you liked it. Matt wants to see this too. You know you have a superhero husband when he names his dog after one.
Thanks for cheering me on to make it a good date/ bonding experience:)