April 16, 2012

birthday box.

I am slowly making sense of my new normal these days. When I get a good night's rest, the making sense comes a lot easier... the sleep-deprived days usually cause me to take a step or two backward, but I would say on the whole, I'm moving through it, and I'm thankful for that. No, not only that...I'm thankful for sweet friends and family who are helping me through it.

I saw the idea for a birthday box on this blog, and felt a little spark within me ignite--don't you love it when that happens? The whole concept of a Birthday Box makes me giddy--what's not to love? You can do so much with it... sorry these pics are so dark.

I put this one together for a dear friend of mine, who turned 30 this month. We've been friends for 16 years, and have seen each other through it all...three cheers for genuine friendship! I used a standard storage box, which you can buy at Michaels or JoAnns. I love the idea of a tiny birthday box, too, especially for sending elsewhere.

I organized the contents into three categories: For Making, For Organizing, and for Relaxing. I included little gifts for each category that I thought she would love, and wrapped and bundled them. I made the coffee-stained tags a few weeks ago for fun, and was happy to use them here.

I also made a small happy birthday banner with simple stamps and mini  rhinestones. Because bunting rocks. :)

I've also devoted a dictionary to crafting endeavors--it was really hard to rip out that first page, but after that, it hasn't been so bad. :) I used the crumpled pages to both line the box, and wrap some gifts.

And that is how to make a birthday box. Enjoy!

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leanne said...

Oh friend! I'm so glad we could get together and chat. I will never tire of it. I can't decide what better....the awesome birthday box or the cake and coffee. You are the best!