January 25, 2012

pretty & practical.

Can I just say I love my best friend? She is awesome. She made these produce bags for me as part of my Christmas gift! How cool are these?

She simply sewed a piece of tulle-ish/netting material on the sides to create a bag. They're long enough so that you can just tie the top in a knot after stuffing it with whatever-you-want.  The material is nice and durable.

They work wonderfully, too--I piled them full of veggies this afternoon. The teenage boy who checked out my groceries didn't seem to appreciate them; I kept looking at him like, ehh? ehh? See those bags? Aren't you going to ask me about them? But no. Boys just don't seem to notice these details. But that's okay; they were the highlight of my shopping trip (along with leaving Liv with my folks for an hour while Natalie and I cruised the aisles!).

Thanks friend--pretty & practical. My favorite kind of pretty.

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