November 1, 2011

39 1/2 weeks.

Waiting for a baby is no easy feat--every time I get in the car, I think "yup, I'll probably go into labor on my way to the grocery store..." Or I'll feel the familiar tightening of braxton-hicks contractions and my eyes will dart to the clock, wondering if it's the real deal and not just practice.  Nothing yet, besides lots of practice, but we're getting closer. (My official due date is Nov. 5th.) It kind of feels like waiting for Christmas morning... all day!

I'm glad I have little Liv to wait with me. I tell her that we're going to meet little sister soon, and she'll smile--but I can't wait to see how she really reacts when she meets the baby for the first time, and she realizes we're bringing her home with us! I'm praying that transition goes well--R and I are going to do our best to help Liv with the change. If you have any suggestions that worked for you, I'm all ears. :)

[My big girl and me, after taking her to the park this weekend. Soon we'll have two to take, two to smile with in pictures, two to love! Can't wait.]

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leanne said...

I can't wait to meet her either! Cute pics. Two is going to be awesome! You and R are such great parents.