August 17, 2011

back to school.

I think this movie quote comes to mind every August... love it.  This year, it inspired me to send little "back to school" packages to my neices, just to let them know I've been thinking of them. They are going into 8th grade and 10th grade, and live in Arizona; they typically come out to visit us every summer and weren't able to this year--we're hoping to see them soon!
 Card for Lauren
 Card for Courtney

You can tell by the quality of these photos that I put these together at night.. :) I only spent about $8 per package (yay supply sales), which included pens, notebooks, a calendar, stickies, and a fabric book cover. 
So now, in the spirit of fall, I've put the original "You've Got Mail" from 1940 in my Netflix queue: "Shop Around the Corner." Have you seen this? How does it compare? It's gotta be cute.
I am really trying to enjoy the last bits of summer, but is anyone else super ready for fall to be here...?

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