July 6, 2011

ms. lavender.

I downloaded the free RetroCam app onto my phone yesterday (thanks for the rec, Mattea!)... Can we say obsessed much?! I've been taking pictures of everything.

So to add a little vintage charm to an otherwise normal July morning, let me tell you a little bit about our lavender plant on the side of the house:

Dex and bees are really the only visitors on a daily basis; she's sadly ignored most of the time. She depends on rain for water as I'm usually too lazy to stretch the hose all the way to this side of the house, and too pregnant to lug a watering can over yonder. For this reason (or maybe another), a good chunk of her has withered away...and yet, she still blooms, and is even spreading down the wall.  Way to hang in there, Lav!

Lav reminds me of our honeymoon in Port Angeles, Washington. Sequim is nearby, which is the lavender capital of the US--they have an annual lavender festival every July, which I would love to go to someday. We visited so many little herb farms and shops while we were out there... such a quaint and peaceful place. Ahh.

Liv & I cut some flowers this morning...

We'll keep em' on our kitchen table until they begin to wilt, then we'll hang them for a day or so to dry so we can collect the buds.

...and I'm hoping to fill up this jar, eventually. This little batch is from earlier this week.

I think this is going to be a new summer favorite for us to do! How fun to come across a tradition in the making on a whim. Anyway, the jar smells incredible. I'd like to use the dried buds for homemade lavender sugar, or maybe lavender tea bread. Yum. You'll have to stop by for tea and try some. :)

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leanne said...

love the retrocam pics! Too fun. Love Lav too:) Did you see the strawberry shortcake recipe in the latest clean eating magazine? It had a lavendar ricotta cream...