July 26, 2011

firstfruits & chocolate.

Er, more like first veggies from our garden... Three Gypsy peppers, and a green pepper! Horray!

Our jack-be-little-pumpkin, cucumber, and butternut squash plants are taking off as well... I can't wait until those puppies start producing.

On another note, how cute are these plates?

Sweet Leez gave these to me for my birthday, and they are perfect to hold an afternoon snack such as this:

Um, yum. Melted dark chocolate drizzled over almonds. Can't get much easier than that... I laid wax paper on a cookie sheet, spread out some almonds, then poured the chocolate over them and put them in the fridge to harden. Then I broke it up into little pieces, brittle-style.  They now reside in the freezer--because I love my chocolate frozen.

Speaking of, it's not too sweet. I used some leftover Ghiradelli chips vs. Nestle chips, which I think might be too sweet for this... Although some peanut butter chips mixed in with the chocolate would probs be pretty good, hmmm... and the almonds are nice and crunchy. Awesome. Next time, I'd like to roast the almonds first. Note to self for a holiday treat/gift idea...

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