May 16, 2011

playing in the sunshine.

Took the bean outside to play while I planned on planting in our raised beds a couple of weeks ago--it's so nice that she's more self-sufficient these days and able to play on her own! Although, not surprisingly, we both ended up playing, and planting pretty much waited until naptime. I can already tell we're going to have lots of fun outside this summer.

If sunny playtime pictures didn't cheer you, here's a video of Liv laughing--almost every day, it seems something very specific tickles her funnybone and she has this hearty guffaw that is hysterical. Warms my heart. Shouldn't kids laugh this hard daily?? I love that Raul is laughing so hard he can't hold the camera straight.

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leanne said...

cute pics! it looks like she's having so much fun! love the video too.