April 27, 2011

the beginning.

We are trying a few new things this year in our yard...including bringing back the grass Dex killed (hopefully), and starting up some raised beds. I FINALLY moved our yellow irises--they were originally behind where the raised bed is now, so I moved them to the right up on this odd semi-hill we have where there was nada. I hope they thrive there! They were so multiplied and ready to be split; we gave some to Leez and Ryan this last weekend as we had too many. (A nice problem to have!) PS. Their new little girl Emma is adorable, and big brother Mason is sweet and had fun cracking Livvy up during our visit! Gotta love that elvish laughter. :)

Raul, hard at work, leveling the beds...

Liv, hard at play, enjoying the afternoon...

Me, wishing I hadn't worn my favorite flip flops to do the dirty work. :)

Some poor before photos below... So, do you see where the dead white grass stuff is against the fence? Those are where the irises were initially. Note to self: winterize the yard this year... no fun trying to tackle it in spring...boo.

The rope and stakes you see above are meant to keep Dex off the grass in certain areas, which has actually been working so far.

We're hoping to get some soil this weekend and begin planting come May... fingers crossed!

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