February 23, 2011

cheers to you & hip hip horray

One of Raul's cousins asked me to make her some birthday cards for this month. I started them a few weeks ago, and am happy to say I finally finished yesterday, after a wonderful surge of creative energy {which kind of comes in it's own timing, doesn't it? A mind of it's own...}.

Thought I would share these with you:

I went a little pearl-crazy on some of these cards, as you can see... They're my absolute favorite embellishment ever. It's like they add a little glitz without all the sparkle. {Although I love me some sparkle too now and then.}

The cuz sent me some lyrics to a song that is special to her and her husband, hence this card below... It looks very anniversary-ish, more than birthday-ish... I always struggle when it comes to man cards. Maybe I should try to tweak my skill of man-card making this year.

The card below is for her sister, unless she chooses another card of the group for her. It just seems sisterly to share all kinds of crazy sweets just because.

This card was an a-ha! card as soon as I saw the green glass match the green in this paper... I've been thinking for weeks on how exactly to use this paper. Bam, there ya go.

And is there any celebration sound more adorable than "hip hip horray!"? I don't think so, which is why I'm trying to teach Liv to say it. Coming from a one-year old multiplies the cuteness 100-fold.

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