June 24, 2010

magazines = useful.

If you run out of wrapping paper, as I did this last Father's Day, use a pretty page from a magazine. Works like a charm. (Note: Inside is To Kill a Mockingbird. I loove the cover for their 50th Anniversary edition...but I digress.)

Anyway, so fun with magazines: It goes along with my philosophy about containers--you pay good money for them, so why not put them to good use? I used mine for a bunch of cards this last weekend:

Above: Raul's birthday card, from me. Kind of random, but I liked the imagery of the books--he's growing quite a stack on his nightstand--and using my tiny word stamps. I used them quite a bit in this bunch, actually.

Okay, so no magazines for this one... I had wanted to print a picture of Liv on photo paper to frame, but instead it printed on regular paper...so instead I used it for her birthday card to her daddy. (He had asked for a baby last year for his birthday ;)

I used up some scraps I've had for YEARS on the card below...patting self on back... The lyrics are from the song Soul Shine, a song both I and my father-in-law like. This was his Father's Day card:

I really wanted to use some Elvis or Beatles lyrics for my dad's Father's Day card, but nothing really seemed apt... so I'll try again for another holiday. Maybe he'll get a Blue Christmas card this year...? Too much? :)

Here's a card I made for my sister-in-law, who sent a bunch of cute books for Livvy with my neices on their trip here a couple of weeks ago. They were bundled very similarly as the bunch in the magazine photo. Cuuuute.

More cards need to be made... as well as some other projects. We're actually revamping Liv's room a bit, too, which I will share with you... I just need to get some fabric first. :) More soon.

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leanne said...

Those cards are awesome! I love all the books and magazines. And that wrapping paper...so clever. Also, I looove that pic of Livvy. She is such a cutie.

ps..thanks for the fun anniversary card.

Looking forward to getting together soon:)