March 11, 2009


Finally, it's done! I think she'll make a perfect book bag. I'm not so sure about the button--I loved it with this fabric, but I'm not sure it's the right scale. What do you think?

I should've added a snap/velcro to the outside pocket as well, but I was so excited to finish it I kind of overlooked it; it gaps pretty severely if I have anything in it. But other than the button (maybe) and the pocket snap, I think she's good to go. So happy!

Bag front...

Bag back.

And some new fabric for yet another project. Be well!


tess said...

this looks awesome!! i love how there is a proper box-like bottom. something i've never taken the trouble to do but looks quite pro. i think i need to see the bag in person to give a fair button assessment--do you think it ought to be bigger? it'll probably be easier to shop now with the bag in tow. button shoppin's the best.
ps i LOVE the new fabrics--in particular the top folded one. excellente!

leanne said...

love the bag. love the button. love the new fabric. love to:) (in my best Rupert Everett voice)

Julie said...

Love the bag Mindy.
Perfect for all those books you read!

Leigh said...

Cute bag! I've been sewing a little bit (I'm a very, very beginner) and hope to make my way up to bags one day.

Theresa said...

Your bag is lovely! I love the fabric.