September 17, 2008


Look at this cute card my bf Leanne sent me! Er... to Dex, I mean. :) (Note: the bandage & cone are finally off, and Dex is once again running around with puppy fervor.)

I loved this organza-ish flower. She also included these fun items: Some adorable stamped images, as well as homemade recipe cards!

Thanks Leez, what a fun mailbox surprise! Be well!


leanne said...

It was a fun surprise to see them posted on your blog! I'm glad you enjoyed your little package. Your blue scarf is so cool! I was cracking up about your whittling post. I'm trying not to be a whittler (also...trying not to be a hinder:)

Julie Pacheco said...

It is so hallarious to see you scrap for Dex. I used to be the same for Puelo. He was the first scrap page in my book.
You just wait...and in a couple of years I will say "I told you so".