July 17, 2008

happy birthmonth!

The interesting thing about birthdays is that they are rarely celebrated on the actual day of birth. Especially if it's on a week day, as mine was this past Tuesday. Does this happen to you too?

From cards arriving in the mailbox to meeting up with dear friends who live far away, the birthday celebration kind of rolls along, making it more of a birthday month. And who doesn't like that?

A couple of fantastic cards from the dear friends:

This one is from my friend Tess. Those little flags are snipped pieces of paper, with her doodles on it! What a wonderful and celebratory way to use scraps. The handwriting is also her own...

I see a future rub-on creator in the making... :)

This one is from my best friend Leanne, who never fails to create a cheerful card:

I love that cupcake stamp, the colors, the paper, everything--read more about how she made this card on her blog.

Even my pumpkin recognizes it's my birthday month. It must! Look at how much it's grown...!


leanne said...

What a cool card Tess made. Her handwriting is awesome! I love celebrating all month long! Very fun. And wowza on your pumpkin...our pumpkin seeds never took, but our squash is taking off. Have a happy day.

tess said...

happy birthday again! and thank you for the kind compliments. i love the colors of the leanne's card! cupcakes and pumpkins...how i love thee...